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What am I going to do with my retirement?  

Today a growing number of older adults – both Christians and their neighbors – are discontent with current cultural assumptions about retirement. Some sell the idea that retirement will be a perpetual vacation; others that it’s “unbiblical” to retire. Still others are concerned finances won’t ever allow them to fulfill their retirement aspirations.

How should those entering retirement think about money, work, time, family, leisure, and a life of purpose?

An Uncommon Guide to Retirement: Finding God’s Purpose for the Next Season of Life gives readers a practical, hopeful vision for thinking about work, rest, calling, and becoming “elders” filled with wisdom and blessing. Jeff Haanen teaches readers how to:

  • Take a season of sabbatical rest in early retirement
  • Listen to God’s voice for their calling in retirement
  • Rethink how “work” might look different in retirement
  • Understand family systems and leaving a legacy
  • Explore mentoring opportunities

If you’re retired or thinking about retirement, this is a practical guide for discerning God’s calling for a new season of life.

Visit to download the free study guide.

What People Are Saying

“An Uncommon Guide to Retirement is a notable exception to my observation that every Christian who has a problem ends up writing a book to tell other people how to solve theirs. The author of this book isn’t even old enough to retire, so he’s not just prescribing his personal choices for everybody else. Rather, he’s thoroughly studied the scriptures and the scientific research on retirement, and he’s interviewed crowds of retirees so he can provide a multi-faceted discussion of what constitutes a God-honoring retirement. For me, some of the points that the book makes were obvious, but one big insight was worth the price of admission. I’m a computer programmer, and I tend to think in simplistic terms of YES, NO, or NULL. So as I’ve considered retirement, I’ve thought that I had three mutually exclusive options: 1) I could work until I drop, 2) I could give up my career and become some kind of a Christian para-professional, or 3) I could devote the rest of my life to an uninterrupted vacation. And I didn’t like any of those options. This book helped me think in terms of finding a God-honoring balance among meaningful work, altruistic service, and enriching leisure. And the book helped me see that the balance among those three facets of retirement will need to be adjusted as I get older. This book has truly helped me with ‘Finding God’s Purpose for the Next Season of Life.'”

-Jonathan Kopke, Amazon review

Uncommon Guide takes little time read, but prompts much contemplation. Because of my station in life (nearing retirement), a pastor friend recommended attending a seminar by Jeff; because I couldn’t attend, but was intrigued by the seminar’s blurb, I purchased the book. It’s impact on me was so surprising that I immediately sent a copy to my brother, who’s in a similar season. He read it and bought 7 more copies to give to close friends, most doctors nearing retirement. I also read it aloud to my wife, so that we could digest and discuss it together. I gave a copy to a missionary friend in our men’s study group, and now he’s pushing for our whole group to study it together. This book is apparently having an explosive impact.”

-Alex Funke, Amazon Review