Jeff Haanen

  • Job.  I’m the CEO and Founder of Denver Institute for Faith & Work. DIFW provides education on issues related to work, calling and culture.  Over the years, I’ve help to launch the 5280 Fellowship, CityGate, the Faith & Work Classroom, the Faith & Work podcast, and Business for the Common Good.
  • Interests. My favorite author by far is British theologian and missionary Lesslie Newbigin. His book The Gospel in a Pluralist Society has uniquely shaped me.
  • Background. I’m a Scandinavian who grew up in the frozen Minnesotan suburbs with a Fargo-style accent. Nonetheless, God has sent me to Mexico to study abroad, to Ecuador as a missionary, and to Denver to work with Hispanic immigrants as a pastor and teacher. I speak Spanish, I’m white – and 6’5”. God sure has a sense or humor.
  • Writing. I’ve had the privilege of writing for Christianity Today, The Review of Faith and International Affairs, Independent School, and Comment Magazine. I also wrote a short book on retirement.  My two favorite quotes on writing: “Make them see.” Joseph Conrad. “Write the truest sentence you can.” Ernest Hemingway. My favorite editor: George Orwell. His six rules for writing are my constant tutor.
  • Family. I’m married to a beautiful wife and have four gorgeous little girls. Yes, four.
  • Education. I completed my Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary in 2009 and my undergraduate degree in International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Spanish from Valparaiso University in 2005.
  • Faith. Bottom line: I am a servant of Jesus Christ. As my favorite song (“In Christ alone” by Keith Getty) goes, “I am His and He is mine, bought with the precious blood of Christ.”
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