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  • A Season of Change: Denver Institute CEO Transition Planned for 2022
  • The Incredible Power of Monthly Giving
  • Reflections: 2020 Annual Report
  • “An Uncommon Guide to Retirement” Webinar for Fuller Seminary

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A Season of Change: Denver Institute CEO Transition Planned for 2022

Posted by on Jan 7, 2022 in Faith and Work Movement, vocation, Work | 0 comments

Today I announced to the DIFW community that this will be my last year as the CEO. Here’s what we wrote on the transition website: “Denver Institute for Faith & Work’s board of directors announced January 7, 2022, that Jeff Haanen will transition the CEO role to a new leader in 2022. This leadership handoff was initiated by Jeff and comes after 10 years of dedicated service to the organization. The DIFW board will immediately begin preparing to conduct a search for the next leader. Jeff will continue as CEO until a successor is named later in 2022.“ I also composed a letter to the DIFW community, which I’ve included...

Mary Consoles Eve

Posted by on Dec 24, 2021 in Theology | 1 comment

As the father of four daughters, I sometimes wonder how to express the meaning of Christmas to my family. This year my wife found the perfect image to convey the essence of Christmas: grace. Would love to hear your thoughts...

The Incredible Power of Monthly Giving

Posted by on Dec 13, 2021 in Nonprofit, Work | 0 comments

Denver Institute for Faith & Work just launched a new monthly partner community. Above is the video we created to accompany our new webpage  It came after a year of thinking and research about a single question: How does a nonprofit scale its impact? It’s a good question, one that many nonprofit leaders are also asking. And it makes me think of another question many people have about their giving: how can I make the biggest impact on the issues I care most about? Last fall I started to dive into our numbers at DIFW. Though our budget had consistently grown, one area had remained flat for years:...

A Reflection on Hope for Advent

Posted by on Dec 11, 2021 in Work | 0 comments

On the first Sunday of Advent each year, around the dinner table my family lights the first candle of our wreath, the candle of Hope. Well, my four daughters first battle for who gets to light the candle – and then we light the candle. Not only do we await the coming of the Christ the child in the season of Advent, we also await his Second Coming, which is the most basic hope of Christians. At our offices at Denver Institute, our Wi-Fi password happens to be Isaiah 65:22 (actually [email protected], in case you ever drop by.) The reason is because the message of hope in Isaiah’s vision...

Resetting Your Career in Midlife

Posted by on Oct 22, 2021 in Work | 0 comments

“Midway upon the journey of our life,” writes Dante in the first lines of his Inferno, “I had found myself in the dark wilderness, for I had wandered from the straight and true.” I wonder if Dante was making a comment on the crafty nature of sin, creeping up from behind like a silent fog when we least expect it…or just the bewildering challenges of being middle-aged. Several weeks ago, I called Dan, one of my friends, who’s nearly forty. “How are you?” I asked. “Well, nothing new,” he said with sigh. “Same job. Same family. Same house.” He went on to explain that nothing was wrong, per say,...

Why Every Faith-Driven Investment Firm Needs to Hire a Theologian

Posted by on Sep 4, 2021 in Finance, vocation, Work | 0 comments

Recently I got a prospectus from a faith-motivated advisory firm that outlines what they invest in as Christians. On one level, the responses were predictable. They don’t invest in alcohol, cannabis, pornography, or weapons. And they do invest in companies that have ethical leadership, policies that value employees, and a “positive societal impact.” But after reading the prospectus, I had to pause and say to myself: this is really, complex stuff. On one level, investing is quite straightforward: capital should be used to bring about returns. Yet, what is positive societal impact? What companies are “ethical” and which aren’t?  Aren’t all companies – like people, a mix of good...