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Training with Coach Kibomango

One of my favorite blogs on the integration of faith and work around the world is Smorgasblurb, the blog of my friend Chris Horst. Chris is the Director of Advancement for Hope International, a nonprofit that majors on justice, and minors on micro-finance and small business development to alleviate poverty around the globe. He’s not only a highly competent leader, but he shares some of the finest stories around on how to apply the gospel, especially in the developing world.

His latest story is on Coach Kibomango, a man who grew up as a child soldier but now runs one of Congo’s best boxing clubs.
Here’s how it starts:

Coach Kibomango fights with just one eye. He lost his other eye in a bomb explosion in his hometown of Goma, Congo. Kibomango grew up fighting as a child soldier, but today he is one of Congo’s top boxers. And he’s helping other former child soldiers cope with the heavy baggage they carry out of war. Kibomango can’t keep the lure of war away, however. (Read the rest…)