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  • What does it really mean to integrate faith and work?
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What Is Denver Institute for Faith & Work?

Posted by on Oct 15, 2020 in Work | 0 comments

The following is a brief introduction to my work at Denver Institute for Faith & Work that I gave at a recent fundraiser. It first appeared on the DIFW website. It doesn’t take much to make the case that the world is deeply broken.  Even as you read this, my guess is that today – in your own experience – you can feel the fallenness of our culture all around. From anger and fear in the news to our day-to-day experience of broken relationships, we know that something is amiss.  As the executive director and founder of Denver Institute for Faith & Work, I, too, feel that something is deeply wrong...

How Should Christians Think About Politics? 11 Insights from Reinhold Neibuhr

Posted by on Aug 13, 2020 in Politics, Work | 0 comments

\ It’s hard to find the right metaphor for our current political moment. Are we in an echo chamber with megaphones? Are we, like a nuclear reaction, splitting atoms and roasting all our opponents? Or perhaps we’re more like vikings on social media: we land ashore, pillage and plunder all who oppose us, and then sail off once again to hang out with our village people. Whatever the metaphor, we’re in an election season, and the weight of pandemic-soaked culture is turning up the dial on every debate. How should people of Christian faith think about and respond to the politics of our day?  There are as many answers...

Race and the Gospel: Lament and Hope

Posted by on Jul 16, 2020 in Culture | 0 comments

The week after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, I got on the phone to call several of my Black friends to see how they were doing. One of our alumni from the 5280 Fellowship, a Black woman working for the state of Colorado, shared her devastation. “I’m not sure how to describe how I’m doing,” she confessed. “I’ve felt numb for most of the week and today the tears won’t stop flowing. I find myself in a space of deep lament, anger, and hurt yet again.” A day later, I talked to my friend Darius, formerly an executive pastor and now a leader at a local credit union....

Business for the Common Good On-Demand

Posted by on Jun 5, 2020 in business, Faith and Work Movement, Work | 0 comments

Today at Denver Institute we are launching Business for the Common Good On-Demand, a resource we are giving away to you for free. The videos and discussion guides address questions like: How do you determine if a business is successful? Is it reflected in a positive balance sheet, gleaming customer reviews, or a charismatic CEO? What if God measured success by a broader standard—by the way businesses help every employee, supplier, consumer, or community they touch to thrive? Business for the Common Good On-Demand features keynote presentations and panel discussions with industry leaders from finance, technology, sales, and the nonprofit sector. Featured presentations include: Work is a Way to...

What does it really mean to integrate faith and work?

Posted by on May 26, 2020 in Faith and Work Movement, Theology, Work | 0 comments

At Denver Institute, we have a straightforward answer to this question: our five guiding principles. Here’s how we measure effectiveness, plan programming, and organize our culture. I also think they’re helpful frameworks to help you think through just how your own deepest convictions might play out in your heart, mind, relationships, work, and involvement in culture. 1. Think theologically. Embracing the call to be faithful stewards of the mysteries of Christ, we value programs that enable men and women to verbally articulate how Scripture, the historic church, and the gospel of grace influence their work and cultural engagement. 2. Embrace relationships. Embracing the doctrine of the Trinity and the incarnation, we...

What we’re learning from

Posted by on May 12, 2020 in Nonprofit, Work | 0 comments

Due to the pandemic and the federal government’s response, about 150 million Americans are eligible to receive stimulus checks. Yet when my wife and I found out we were going to receive a check we started to ask: do we really need it all, or might we know somebody who needs it more? Several weeks ago, two friends and I in Denver hopped on a call to explore what we could do to help. After some back and forth, we decided to start a website called The idea is simple: we’re asking people to make a pledge to give a portion of their stimulus check to any cause...