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  • Theology for Business (Keynote Address)
  • Investing in Human Flourishing: The Story of Eventide Funds (Videos)
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Theology for Business (Keynote Address)

Posted by on Jul 21, 2017 in business, Culture, Economy, vocation, Work | 0 comments

This is the keynote address I gave for the recent event “For Whose Glory: Exploring Faithful Practice in Life, Leadership and Business.” Below I’ve included a brief outline of my talk. The video also includes all slides from my presentation. Like it? Visit my speaking page by clicking the menu above.  I. Introduction: What is the purpose of business? The answer from business culture The answer from church culture The answer from conferences like this Thesis: Christian theology is just as important for your business life as finance, operations or sales, customers or employees. II. First, the doctrine of CREATION and FALL calls us to THINK THEOLOGICALLY about the purpose of...

Investing in Human Flourishing: The Story of Eventide Funds (Videos)

Posted by on Jul 14, 2017 in business, Economy, Work | 0 comments

“The real issue we face today,” says Robin John, CEO of Eventide Funds, an asset management company, “is that investors are divorced from their investing.” Most of us invest money for retirement in mutual funds, but many of us also have no real idea of which companies we own, or even how the companies we invest in are being operated. In April I had the chance to visit the Eventide Funds team in Boston (along with my adorable daughter Lily), to go a little deeper. In a new DIFW short film (5:23), crafted by award-winning documentary film-maker Nathan Clarke, Finny Kuruvilla, Jason Myre and the Eventide Funds team ask...

The Quiet Unraveling of Work in America

Posted by on Jun 22, 2017 in business, Economy, Theology, Work | 4 comments

  On July 16-19, I will be presenting a brief paper at the Christian Economic Forum in San Francisco entitled, “The Quiet Unraveling of Work in America: Three Economic Challenges and What Christian Leaders Can Do.” The CEF Leadership collated the conference papers into a book, and kindly provided a PDF of my paper for distribution. The content of the paper is below, and the PDF can be accessed by clicking the link above. The Quiet Unraveling of Work in America Three Economic Challenges and What Christian Leaders Can Do On August 1, 2007, the I35W bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis looked like any other bridge in America. Commuters stuck...

Notes: Learning for Moral Formation

Posted by on Jun 14, 2017 in Education | 0 comments

  I find that becoming good is difficult, painfully difficult. As I’ve been on my own moral journey, I’ve become more interested in the question, “How are people morally formed, especially in contexts of work, for the sake of leadership?”  In other words, what tend to be the social, spiritual and psychological elements present in a person’s life when they experience significant moral transformation? Might it be possible to even design such learning experiences that lead to moral formation? Below are some rough notes I’ve written on what I think tends to be the process of moral formation, especially for adults. I’ve posted them on this blog hoping you’ll...

Collective Impact: The Missing Piece of the Faith-Work Puzzle

Posted by on Jun 4, 2017 in Faith and Work Movement, Theology, Work | 0 comments

  What will the faith and work movement look like in 2067? What are we doing today that could genuinely last for 50 years, and even reshape American culture? These are tough questions. Not only because 50 years is such a long time, but it forces us to think not only of our own organizations, but the larger networks across the US involved in this space, and the institutions that can outlast individual personalities. It also forces us to think: what, specifically, are the long-term goals shared among overlapping networks of churches, businesses, universities and nonprofits involved in spreading a Christian message about the far reaching effects of Jesus’...

Am I an Imposter? The Weary Souls of Entreprenuers

Posted by on May 23, 2017 in business, Economy, Work | 0 comments

  Banks Benitez said it perfectly. When I was interviewing Banks about his work as the VP of Global Expansion at the Unreasonable Institute, a start-up school for social entrepreneurs, one of his founders shared about what it feels like to be an entrepreneur: “It’s like I just joined the very front of the parade and people are cheering me on.” He continued, “Today it seems like entrepreneurship is almost this embodiment of the American dream. You have this small idea and then you figure it out along the way and you grow and become really wealthy and successful – and you’ll also solve a global problem. Everybody wants you...