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We All Proselytize

Posted by on Dec 23, 2016 in business, Economy, Work | 0 comments

  “Kelly, what does proselytize mean?” “Evangelize, but with negative connotations.” I had to ask my wife last Sunday night because the word came up in a discussion with a local Christian entrepreneur. I’ll paraphrase what he said: “In my company, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create flourishing communities. And I’m very open about my Christian faith with my employees when it comes up. But I would never engage in proselytization.” When he said it, I mostly agreed. The word just sounds like rude, arm-twisting – or possibly even an illegal activity. Encroaching on other people’s faith makes many of us feel uncomfortable at worst, and...

Nourishing the World: Spending an Evening with Dan Dye, CEO of Ardent Mills

Posted by on Dec 14, 2016 in business, Economy, Work | 0 comments

  As we walked into the kitchen, our senses came alive: the smell of freshly baked bread, the shine of stainless steel appliances, the smile of Chef Daniel Marciani, and the sight of risotto, chocolate quinoa desserts and caramelized spread. We felt like we had just walked into Babette’s Feast. The food was the unexpected capstone of an evening the 5280 Fellows spent with Dan Dye, CEO of Ardent Mills, the largest flour producer in the country.  Ardent Mills, a new company that was spun off from ConAgra, CHS, and Cargill just over two and a half years ago, has 42 production facilities in the US, over 2,000 employees,...

6 Stories of Generosity to Inspire on Colorado Gives Day

Posted by on Dec 5, 2016 in Nonprofit | 0 comments

  Tomorrow is Colorado Gives Day, a 24 hour drive to support the nonprofits across the state of Colorado. As the leader of a nonprofit that participates in Colorado Gives Day, I thought I’d post a handful of my favorite videos on generosity from my friends at Generous Giving and National Christian Foundation. Here are my top 6 videos on generosity to inspire your own spirit of generosity as you prepare to schedule your gifts online tomorrow. 6. “Work like a doctor, live like a nurse” After becoming a doctor and accomplishing all of her life goals at an early age, Dr. Lockey realized that her dreams had not...

Should We Create More Vocation-Specific Faith and Work Resources?

Posted by on Dec 2, 2016 in Faith and Work Movement, vocation | 1 comment

One topic that continually comes up among faith and work leaders is this: should we create more vocation-specific materials? That is, instead of creating resources broadly about, say, work, Sabbath, calling, or caring for the poor, should we create experiences, books or small group studies specifically for those in, say, law, business, architecture or nursing? The topic came up at the Faith & Work Summit, where we asked the question about going from 101 “introduction to faith and work” activities to 201 or 301 activities –  hosting specific conversations on retail, manufacturing or education, and the cultural challenges believers face in those sectors. It also came up when talking with...

Business Travel Have You Exhausted? Bring a Kid

Posted by on Nov 29, 2016 in Economy, Work | 3 comments

  Traveling for business is tough. For most men I speak to, the time away from family and on the road is usually an emotional, spiritual and often physical black hole. My friend Danny recently came back from a business trip. Bleary-eyed, he shared that the meetings were poorly planned, his flight was delayed – and it took him at least two days to recover from a feeling of exhaustion after getting back to his wife and four kids.  And his family was a mess as a result of his week-long trip. Another friend, Andrew, sent a group of men an email, “I’ve been asked to head up a...

That Eye-On-the-Object Look: Finding Focus in a Distracted World

Posted by on Nov 18, 2016 in Art, Work | 0 comments

  The world is a distracting place. Email, Facebook, open office spaces, iPhones, and insanity-inducing apps with red pop-up bubbles nagging for my attention. What would the opposite of a distracted work day look like? Check out this statement by W.H. Auden: “You need not see what someone is doing to know if it is his vocation, you have only to watch his eyes; a cook mixing a sauce, a surgeon making a primary incision, a clerk completing a bill of lading, wear the same rapt expression, forgetting themselves in a function. How beautiful it is, that eye-on-the-object look.” When was the last time you were working and you had...