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Callings in Conflict? Pursuing Scientific Excellence and a Life of Faith

Posted by on Feb 5, 2018 in Science, vocation | 0 comments

  Widespread sentiment suggests that science and faith are at odds, at war for leadership in modern culture. Yet many of history’s great minds were people of deep faith. They were driven to science by an insatiable hunger to learn about and celebrate God. Can Christians working in the sciences recover this passion without compromising professional excellence Can we seek truth in science and in Scripture? Those will be a few of the questions DIFW will ask at a Forum on February 15 at the Colorado School of Mines on “Callings in Conflict? Pursuing Scientific Excellence and a Life of Faith.” Our keynote speaker will be Praveen Sethupathy from Cornell...

The Internet’s Best Place to Start Learning about Faith & Work

Posted by on Jan 19, 2018 in business, Culture, Faith and Work Movement, Work | 0 comments

  Ok, maybe that blog post title is hyperbolic. But it’s not far off from the truth. For the past four years, Denver Institute has amassed tons of articles, videos, blog posts, curricula and other resources on work, calling, culture and various industries. When our team looked at these, it was kinda overwhelming. Even for us! So we decided to make our resources easier to navigate, find, and use through our new “Learn” page. Here’s what we did. (1) We organized the page below into topics/industries. From there, pick something that piques your interest, like calling or health care or business. (2) Inside of each page, we teed up...

Loving Faithful Institutions: The Building Blocks of a Just Global Society (From Comment Magazine)

Posted by on Jan 4, 2018 in Economy, Politics, Theology | 0 comments

  Occasionally I’ll post on this blog an article I really like. And I really like this one by Dr. Jonathan Chaplin, who’s on the divinity faculty at Cambridge University. It’s about an unpopular topic that should be popular: the importance of institutions. One of my convictions at the founding of DIFW was that in order to change the conversation about faith and public life in Denver, we needed not just an event or a “network” – we needed an institution that can last for years, decades…generations. And that meant doing things like admin work, building a board, building long-term relationships, writing emails, and zillions of other unsexy tasks.   Happy reading – and I hope...

The Case for Giving to Denver Institute

Posted by on Dec 22, 2017 in Nonprofit, Work | 0 comments

  Where does Denver Institute fit into the broader nonprofit community? Or more specifically, why financially support Denver Institute in your own giving portfolio? All executive directors of nonprofits think about year-end giving this time of year, and I’m no different. Occasionally, it can be helpful when they make their own case for support and explain where they fit into a broader nonprofit ecosystem. Most nonprofits exist to pick up the broken pieces of society. Addiction, homelessness, lack of opportunity – take your pick. When society falls apart, the nonprofit community plays a critical role in serving the poor, widow, orphan and sojourner. This is a good, biblical reason...

The Healing Power of Economics (Christianity Today Book Review)

Posted by on Nov 29, 2017 in Economy, Work | 0 comments

  The so-called “dismal science” is a powerful tool for wealth creation, but also for healing broken communities. I open my car door, sit down, and turn the key. Carefully balancing my coffee, I put my foot on the brake, shift into reverse, and gently press the gas pedal as I pull out of my driveway on my way to work. As I head down South Broadway, I remember a quip my undergraduate economics professor once made: “The economy is like a car engine. Most of us don’t understand what’s happening under the hood. We just hit the gas and hope it works.” We seldom pause to appreciate the...

The Four Postures Toward Faith in the Workplace

Posted by on Nov 17, 2017 in business, Work | 0 comments

By Jeff Haanen How do should I think about the role of faith in my company? How do corporations in America today handle issues surrounding spirituality in the workplace? I recently had this conversation with David Miller who leads Princeton University’s Faith at Work Initiative and is the author of God at Work: The History and Promise of the Faith at Work Movement (Oxford University Press, 2011). He’s been asking these questions for decades and has worked with everybody from Tyson Foods to, more recently, the executive team at Citigroup. As a trained ethicist, he often is called in to field thorny moral questions among America’s corporate elite (The...