Jeff Haanen

Oh Lord, in you are waves of pleasure, oceans of joy!

But our hearts seek pleasure in created things, rather than the Creator. Yet, we still long for a lasting satisfaction in the depths of our souls. Our hearts are restless, until they find rest in You!

Draw us, Redeemer, Maker, Love Almighty, into the song of the universe!

Oh planets and stars, corners of darkest space, be filled with His light! May your rotations and orbits be a timbre or praise! O supernovas, shine for Him!

Oh angels, join me with shouts of praise! Together let’s serve him, the sweet joy of our hearts!

Oh demons, you who scorn your Creator, be filled with terror, for the fire of his holiness is dread to you, but mercy to us! For one day, he will burn away our iniquity and we shall see him, the bright Morning Star, face to face!

Oh mountains of Colorado, oh oceans of the Far East; oh mighty trees of the Amazon, oh sands of Africa: bow down to Christ, your Maker, through whom all things were made!

Oh presidents and prime ministers, oh venture capitalists and CEOs; oh moguls of Silicon Valley, oh scholars of renown; oh social activists, oh wandering artists: open your eyes! Come awake from the dead, and Christ will shine on you!

Oh universe, know that sin will soon be demolished, and that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will draw you back into himself, a Triune river of Life!

Oh you image bearers of the earth, look to Jesus! He is the author of life, the Savior of souls, the Desire of Nations!

Oh Lord, in you are waves of pleasure, oceans of joy!

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