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Posted by on Mar 31, 2020 in Work | 0 comments

Rethinking My Daily Rhythms

Rethinking My Daily Rhythms

Just like you, in the past two weeks I’ve had to rethink my daily rhythms. I’ve also realized that my emotional and spiritual health is the top priority right now. The cascading anxiety and panic of our society is something that I can easily internalize. And when that happens, I can experience paralysis, and actually damage those around me, rather than love and serve.

When I step back a look at the things I can’t control, and look squarely at the things I can control right now in my life, I can re-engage my family, friends, and my work. And, as it turns out, though the news makes me feel powerless, I actually can impact much of my life and daily choices.

Last weekend my wife and I sat down to think through – first individually, and then as a couple – what we need to be healthy right now.

Here’s what I came up with. I post it here in case making a simple “rule of life” right now may be the right next step as your endure this strange quarantine.

As the flight attendant always says when boarding the plane, first put the oxygen mask on yourself, and only then put it on others.

Healthy Rhythms for the Haanen’s (Jeff)

Daily Routine Essentials

  • Spiritual Health – Prayer and silence at 830am, with DIFW staff; noon, prayer for others (before lunch); before dinner, play one worship song with family
  • Physical Health – Outside every day with the family on walks/gardening; 3-4x/week sweat @ 4pm.
  • Marital Health – Kiss my wife. 🙂 Play tennis on Saturdays (have fun)
  • Emotional/Mental Health – Limit news intake (don’t check until 330pm each day); read books from 8pm-10pm (no internet or phones); call friends/family regularly
  • Family Health – Be 100% mentally present with my kids from 5pm-8pm; Take them outside at 4pm exercise time; piano with Sierra & Alice after dinner each night
  • Neighbor Health – Pray daily for a neighbor/friend/family/co-worker who has needs/lost a job (prayer before dinner with family)

Weekly Essentials

  • Financial Health – Cut non-essential expenses right now in family budget; use our regular income to contribute to savings; Use other income toward car debt and giving
  • Work Health – Stay focused on key projects, relational presence with our community, wise decisions and strategic pivots, and small “wins”
  • Refocus Each Week: (1) What can I control?, (2) What can I influence? (3) What can I not control, and needs to be released?



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